Monday, 18 October 2010

The One Where Pro Evo Is Better Than FIFA.... And The Vote Proves It!

FIFA 7 - Pro Evo 24

I'll be honest, this weeks vote was a bit of a balls up.

Gray suggested it had to be FIFA v Pro Evo.

I suggested with Tweetahon2, it should maybe be a skip week.

Then I thought... well, if he RTs it - we may be OK.

Then he didn't RT it. Not even once.

Then it didn't even matter because on the Sunday, the Blog went nuts.

OK, OK. Not Tweetahon2 nuts, but comparitively - considering I wasn't doing anything other than a normal vote.

Then I had 20+ votes in the space of an hour.

Then I realised the vote hadn't even worked on the iPhone App... so how many did I miss?

Then, because of Tweetathon2 I forgot to change the iPhone App... so how many did I miss?

Then, we hit 30 anyway.

So all in, many thanks. I was hash tagging on twitter whenever I posted the link. I  can only draw the conclusion that  FIFA fans were too busy button bashing, and din't have time to vote.

I hope to have a final, proper Pro Evo review up next week.

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