Saturday, 16 October 2010

The One With A Dear Rooney Letter, From SAF

I don't really have too many United Memories against West Brom. I sort of hope I don't have too many this time, either.

We've been class at home, so far. Apart from fielding a Carling Cup team versus Rangers, ofcourse.

So I expect three points today. And I hope Wayne finally puts his demons to rest. The reason I say that is because a little Mexican is banging goals in left, right and centre for his country. And I don't think we're too far off Rooney finally realising it's not a knock that's kept him out of the United team.

I did a FaceBook status the other day, which I quite liked - and think sums up perfectly how I feel about rumours that Wayne is stalling on a contract.

Dear Wayne,

I admit you didn't have a poorly ankle. The reason you didn't play was because you were shagging around, and it made you mental. And shit.

Yours Sincerely,


ps. Don't ever think you're bigger than this Club again.

So, that's that. A win today. And maybe Fergie not tinkering with the team.

Or... tinker away, and unleash Hernandez.

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