Monday, 22 November 2010

The One Where I Come Clean About Take That

Well, well, well. On the Blog itself, Howard Something (Howard Donald?), actually got more votes than any other Take That member.


Obviously, the fact there was only three odd votes meant that his odds were improved!

Looking at the App though, which didn't break this week - or revert to last weeks vote - (progress!), it's all about Gary Barlow.

And I love Gary Barlow.

He is actually one of the most talented singer song writers the UK has ever produced - and crucially, I supported him through all the shit.

I bought both of his solo albums, and remember actually listening to the Top 40 to see if his song got to number one. It didn't. It got to number two. (Apt, some may say).

When Take That made their comeback, loads of people seemed to miss the fact that the album was brilliant. The singles, obviously, were huge. But the album itself was far better than anything else they've ever produced.

The latest one, with Robbie? I'm a bit meh - but they deserve their moment back in the sun.

I love Take That.

They are a product of my childhood. Anyone of my age must have ended up singing the wrong words to a girl whilst slow dancing to A Million Love Songs, surely?

We all bought Pray to impress the girls we fancied, right?

No? Oh.

Well, if nothing else, Take That gave me Gary Barlow. My darkest secret.

And GCs was right. I would have loved them at the Isle Of Wight. It would have been a huge coup for the Festival. There's not many bigger bands in the world right now, like it or not.

Bet you a tenner they do Glastonbury.

My fave song, of Gary Barlows? This one. Never knew it was a cover, to be honest. Check out the original, with David Brent style production!


Gemini-Girl said...

I adore Gary Barlow. I have been a fan since 1993, when I was just a pre-teen girl with braces. I supported him with his solo albums, the first being really good, the second as well (which he admitted in his book was not his best).
Take That's first album since reforming was BRILLIANT. So was the second. I live in Israel now (moved form the us a few months ago) and CANNOT buy progress in the itunes store in my country. I hear it is a mix of styles.
I am glad a man can finally come out and admit to liking tt or GB for that matter! Good music, is well.. good music.

@maverick99sback said...

Thanks for commenting!

That's a bit mental that you can't get hold of one of the biggest albums in the last twenty years.

Legally at least...