Monday, 29 November 2010

The One Where Pixar Kicks Uncle Walt In The Nuts

So... If this vote proved one thing, it's that Classic Disney is loved by Smart phone users.

It got 9 votes to Pixars 4. Dreamworks with just 1. Which I blame Mrs F for.

On the site itself?

Total opposite. It's all about Pixar.

And that's the way I'd go, too.

I have a soft spot for Lion King. No idea why. And Beauty And The Beast, as it's Mrs Ts favourite. (Eh? It's like she's trying to live the dream... what? Oh. *shakes fist*)

Other than that - Ethan is growing up with Pixar. Oddly, my fave, Finding Nemo is the only one we don't have. I'll sort that.

Monsters Inc. and the Toy Stories? Well, they are timeless already, aren't they?

Pixar seem to be incapable of making a bad film, which is something Dreamworks will never be able to boast. God, ET does love Shrek, though.

Classic Disney? Well, Bambi and all the others stand the test of time.

But is that because we feel like they have too? Is it because we're told they are classics - that it's rammed down our throats?

I'll be honest, we bought ET all of the available Disney Classics on Blu. He's pretty "meh" towards them. On watching Dumbo I could see why. Although it did send to sleep, so I can't complain too much.

It's hard to argue against that being a technological thing.

And I suppose it's sad there is unlikely to be too many cel animated cartoons ever again. But when Pixar movies look as good as they do... can we moan?

Flash can say what he wants about the new Karate Kid, and how the transfer is the best he's seen... he can't have seen a Pixar movie.

I didn't make that video. But I probably would've picked that backing track. Random.

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