Sunday, 14 November 2010

The One Where SkyLine Is A 1* Film... No, Wait, 3*... No... 5*??

Right. Up until the last sixty seconds, SkyLine is a 3* film.

After that? It may be a 1*. Or maybe a 5*. I'm genuinely not sure. Such is my surprise to where they took it.

Made on a minuscule budget (by Hollywood terms), by a couple of potential retards, it didn't do an awful lot to piss me off.

It starts immediately with the invasion. Blue lights shooting down in L.A, that wake a couple of unlikeable characters.

Then the title card.

And that's when you'll know whether you're in for the long haul.

Because The Brothers Strause (*sighs*), try their first trick....

We actually skip back to 15 hours previously.

I thought that was an OK move.

For one, although the acting is still a bit "off", I started to like the characters.

For seconds, they played some 30 Seconds To Mars.

For thirds, Angel Baptiste, for me, the best thing in Dexter turned up.

Then, 15 hours later, we're back where we start.

And it sort of works.

Some of the effects are a bit awkward, but others - including a huge dog fight over L.A, are excellent.

This is the second of three reasons most have fallen out with the movie.

I had read that the main set piece is seen through a telescope, and that that would affect my enjoyment. Nonsense. I will never defend The Brothers Strause (*sighs), for what they did with Aliens V Predator: Requiem - especially how distasteful the Maternity ward scene was... but the backlash from people, saying they never deserve to make a film again, is a joke.

A total joke.

The fact that SkyLine 2 has been green lit already gives you an idea they've done something right.

And, as I say, for the most part, I thought it worked.

Two bits that would have been brilliant surprises are totally ruined by being in the trailer, so avoid that if you can.

The overall destruction was more than I was expecting. The acting less grating, and the effects far better than I thought. (Think Serenity, in terms of home made charm. Not quite made for TV, but has that stigma about it).

Yes they pinch the tentacle things from every other sci fi.
Yes they ape the Cloverfield monster.
Yes, there's at least 50% of Independance Day in there.
Yes they stole bits from The Matrix, and every other sci fi going.

But... it's not with out it's charm.

Plus the sight of thousands of people being sucked up off the streets, even through a telescope, is pretty spectacular.

So what happens in the last sixty seconds?


I won't spoil it, obviously.

But do you know how I mentioned SL2 has already been greenlit?

Well, the route they look like they are taking with it means I won't be part of it.

I think.

I'm a bit confused.

I'm not actually sure whether it's genius. Or the worse ending ever.

Who knows... that might be the thing that makes you go see it.

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