Monday, 15 November 2010

The One With COD Black Ops Fragging Halo Out

COD v Halo v GoldenEye v Other

COD FTW, then.

I've played a fair bit of Black Ops, so far.

A week ago tonight, I was getting ready to go out to a midnight opening.

It totally deserves to win this vote, too.

COD, as a series, has raised the bar.

I love Halo. It gives me something than COD can't, (Spacey weapons, and cool veichles).

Did I trade them both in immediately, though?


COD, when you're doing well, is the best FPS ever.

What Black Ops adds is a level playing field.

A few games in, get a gun you like, buy attachments, then go.

It's genius really can't be understated.

Whether that's popular with everyone is clearly in question.

I make no apologies for loving this new installment.

Don't get me wrong though. In a few weeks, if I lose my winning MoJo, I'll be having a pop like everyone else.

GoldenEye is an interesting one. I remember playing it on Xmas day, and getting motion sickness.

Seeing it released on the Wii makes me cry a bit inside. I'd love to play it again. Microsoft were rumoured to be porting it over... That would be a definite purchase - even though I know it will have aged terribly.

And would it have Napalm strikes, and let me pretend to be Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now?


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