Sunday, 7 November 2010

The One Where Walking Dead Shuffles Into My Life

She's not the first girl to ever get shot in a movie.

John Carpenter  famously snuck his ice cream killing in after the censors had seen his film.

Here though? Here it was different.

I know nothing about the graphic novel. But within a few minutes I want to know everything.

You immediately know that this is going to be top dollar TV, when it takes it's time.

Frank Darabont is a genius. He's made two of my favorite movies ever. I love him so much, I even forgive him for Shawshank Redemption.

Crucially, he is a man of principle. Of rules.

He showed it by telling the studio to do one on the ending of The Mist.

He shows it again, here.

Not only does the girl get shot in the face... There is no music whatsoever. This is played straight.

It knows the idea of a zombie girl shuffling towards our new Hero is scary enough.

I was immediately captured. And sold.

This is going to be good. So long as they keep the momentum going, and keep the little touches coming. (Like rookie cops checking their guns are loaded, due to nerves.)

The torso on the lawn was brilliant. Decaying, but moving. What does our Hero do? Jump on a peddle bike, but too weak to peddle, he makes an appalling getaway. Great stuff.

Dad, you should check this out. Def Western aspects about it. The Horse and deserted landscapes helps a lot with that.

Until he rides into hundreds of zombies, and hides in a tank. Gun to his head, seriously thinking that is his only way out. More characterisation than in 95% of the films I've seen this year.

I'm going to be controversial and say my favourite zombie film ever is 28 days later.

If nothing else, to piss JMcG off, encourage him to get a Google Account, and to start leaving abusive messages on the Blog.

If they keep the standard up, and give a mix of that, plus all of the other bits you'd want from a zombie  series, I'm there for the long haul. (Or short haul. Four episodes? Short, but sweet.)

No one is more surprised than me at my new TV love in.

This year I've discovered Entourage (late), Dexter (even later), Pacific (first!), and this.

The question is... what next?

Miss Kyle says The Wire. Agree? Disagree? Tell me, TV junkies!


KendallJaye said...

I'm not trying to get you to think I'm cool, since you already do, but I TOTALLY agree with 28 Days Later. Hurray for full frontal! Wait.... what? Oh yeah, the zombies were fun, too.
ps - No worries. I still love you more than Mr. Murphy.

@maverick99sback said...


You totally see his cock.

I had forgotten.

From that to Inception. Legend.