Saturday, 6 November 2010

The One Where MUFC Need 3 Points, Nothing Less

I suppose my main memory of playing Wolves is them beating us 1-0.

Mrs T and I were on holiday in Turkey, and I couldn't watch the game. (One of those holidays, where you find out all too late most of the bars around the corner were showing it.)

Last week, in the Carling Cup (God, I'd love to win that three years in a row, by the way), the second half was a miinor classic.

United will have one eye on City and Wednesday, but this won't be a formality.

Last year, Mick McCarthy was accussed of fielding a weakend team. Didn't do them any harm in the long run, did it?

A part of me quite likes his honesty. But for the World Cup thing with Keano, I love getting one over on him.

I'll take a win of any sorts.

With Nani out, is it time for Bebe?

Hernandez has been brilliant at replacing Rooneys goals. Berba has carried on creating. No doubt who needs a goal more out of the two. So knowing the Boss, they'll both be sub.

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