Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The One With MUFCs Disastrous Start

So, almost a 1/4 through the season.

United are going strong in the Carling Cup.

United have all but qualified from their Champions League Group, with out conceding a goal.

United have got as far in the FA Cup as last year. (Granted we haven't played, yet).

United are second in the league, unbeaten, playing predominantly mediocre football. A huge four points off Chelsea. Who, by most peoples mark are incredible. One of the best teams in the world. Playing amazing football. Sacking a loyal servant at half time, in a reserve game. Classy.

Yeah. It's been a pretty disastrous season so far.

Thank god we don't have our biggest asset returning - who will want to play well to play his way out, or restore the faith.

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