Thursday, 18 November 2010

The One Where The IoW2011 Festival Is Missing Something.

From the sublime to the ridiculous.

I warn you now, this is a comic, of pictures detailing the pain I went through. If you're on the App get your ass to Mars. (Or over to the actual website.) Whilst there, vote for your favourite Take That member.

Whilst twiddling my fingers, waiting for Isle Of Wight Festival tickets, I was messing around on Vodafones website.

I forgot my phone number, so text the Ledgers. JMcG replied, so I logged in.

Then, as I'd suspected was due, I was offered a free upgrade.

So I got an iPhone 4, thinking I'll sell my current one for 250 Bucks, and I'm quids in.

Same tariff. 18 months. Quids in.

Couldn't really have been easier.

Then I tried to order a single ticket for the IoW ticket.

How hard could it be.........?


It was a nightmare.

Our works Internet crashed.

Vodafones site crashed.

All the while I'm thinking Kings Of Leon, The Foo's and Kasabian is probably as good a line up as any of us would've dreamt.

I had complaints that needed sorting.


Bon Jovi?? Eh??? WTF! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Eh?? EH??? What. The. Fuck.


This isn't happening. This. Is. Not. Happening.

*Makes girly whimper noise*

Oh, get in iPhone 3GS, soon to be scrap. Almost there. Almost there.

What's that? Wtf is that? What. The. FUCK. Is. That???

In the end, the final picture shows me getting to the payment page on my iPhone. That second box? That's the Terms and Conditions, that YOU HAVE TO TICK. EXCEPT YOU COULDN'T TICK IT!



I called JMcG, knowing he may be sat in front of a computer, planning ways to go to the festival himself, if he could lie to his wife that their Anniversary was in fact the week before. Or after.

JMcG, cool as you like, banged it through first time. And I owe him a beer for it.

And the following day 3/4 Ledgers were confirmed. Greatest line up ever or not, that leaves me feeling a bit empty. So much so that thinking about it today, I kind of hope Biffy aren't there.

We're all gutted you can't come mate - and I apologise in advance if I go on about it loads in the next 6 months (202 sleeps!) - but we all understand why you can't be there.


DavieLegend said...

What did you say you were doing with your old iPhone?

@maverick99sback said...

I'm selling it to you. For 500 Bucks!