Friday, 19 November 2010

The One Where Green Lantern Deserves A Break

It's times like this I thank God I'm a film fan, and not a comic geek.

No allegiances. No fuss. No problem.

This looks fun.

Plus, Ryan Reynolds deserves a starring role.

I wonder who his favourite Take That member is... *Points to top left of Blog*

And just as I was wandering what Daniel Craig has been up too...

I can't stress enough how little I cared about this film before I saw that teaser. Now?



AMMENDED: As you know, I live on LiveForFilms, and just saw this...

Power of a trailer, eh? GC and MovieGrrl seem to dislike the comedic elements. Wonder if this whizz can work his magic on the final film, too?


Anonymous said...

GL I would give a try....and just when I thought someone had made a great looking western at last...what happens someone has to put some ,/,./,?,' aliens in it. Jeeee gods

PS I've lost my Google accont?????

@maverick99sback said...


Don't forget True Grit!