Friday, 19 November 2010

The One Where A Dragon Saves Ethan Zachary

"It's Chrisssssttttttmmmmaaaassssssssss"

It's been a strange Daddy Day Care.

Ethan has a shocking cough. It hurts to listen too, so he's on medication. It meant a duvet morning, and a promise of How To Train Your Dragon, to cheer him up.

"It's mine... MINE!"

He wanted to see Mowah Nanna (my Mum), though - so we trotted off to the sand pit - that I'm pretty sure he thinks is his own. We had breakfast, and then trotted off to Asda to get the Bluey.

Some sound advice from people had suggested it was really good, but maybe not worth the £15 bucks I was going to pay.

"Is it normal for a 3 yo, to know how to work a microwave. As in, literally knowing his bottle needs 45 seconds on 750?"

So, I took the advice. For the first time in forever I bought a DVD. £12 bucks, in an Asda exclusive given ET HTTYD, plus the straight to DVD sequel.

And it's brilliant.

Maybe I just thought that as it was something new from Shrek and the like - but I thought it was genuinely brilliant.

I sort of regret not getting the Bluey, as although it looks great, standard definition is a ball ache if all you watch is HD. Oh well, ET doesn't know that. And on the plus side, the sound is still awesome - making me realise this sound set up will deliver no matter what the visuals are like, now.

Then a knock.

"You try concentrating on Black Ops when this lil beauty is sat looking at you. TRY IT!"

My iPhone had had no signal/service all morning... Mr Postie had my iPhone 4 - as part of a £29 bucks upgrade.

Just as ET had nodded off as fate would have it. But also just as I'd booted Black Ops up for the first time in 8 days.

After three awful games, and what looks like a loss of stats (anyone else noticed that?), I had a stormer. 18:2, and that's why I love Jungle.

But that pretty lil iPhone was just sat there. So I ditched Black Ops, and opened that little beauty up.

First thing I did?

Isle Of Wight 2011 play list...

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