Saturday, 20 November 2010

The One Where I Get A Live For Films Tatt

This is like Christmas frickin' day!

A lil while ago, I wrote a review of Enemy Mine for my favourite movie site. (Sorry, JoBlo - but it 'aint working out).

Phil, the guy who runs the website published it...

So I tried my luck by zipping another one over to him.

A mutual love of John Carpenter sorted the next lot, and Tarantino seems to have covered the lot after that.

I always planned to ask Phil how I could get my tiny little Blog on his Blog roll - where I've discovered sites like this, and reviews that have literally made me curl up with laughter - or better, want to seek out another film.

Phil went one better last night though.

He listed me on the page that has contributors.

Check it out, and get that website to number one, in the WIKIO Top Blogs, for Film.

It was third two months ago. Then second last month. There's a pattern there, right? Deserved. And nothing to do with me.

Cheers again, Phil. I bloody love being a part of your website.


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