Saturday, 20 November 2010

The One Where *He* Returns For MUFC

What a bizarre season. Maybe the best so far for neutrals, or people outside the top five?

I don't know how we're still unbeaten, and within touching distance. I'd say in 50% of our games we've been woeful.

But the Glazers are paying off a third of the debts next week, apparently.

We look like we've signed Lindgard, a 26 year old keeper. With the Spanish keeper De Gae, supposedly linked with a £15 Million move, too. We'll see, on that one. There's no doubt that was one of Rooneys (valid) concerns. How do we replace these ageing Legends?

How do we pay off the debt?

Are we starting to see the answers the Glazers gave him?

We may see Saturday.

He's back, apparently. If he scores, it might be an opportunity to have a homemade Nike shirt, simply saying: "Sorry". I say "apparently", as Fergies team sheets this season have arguably led us to this slump. I'd throw him in and get it over with though. Berba has carried the burden brilliantly, but the goals have dried up. Javier probably didn't think he would play this much all season ,let alone in the first few months.

With Ronaldo talking up about how he misses Manchester again, this week - I really wouldn't rule out a swap in the Summer. It's been one of those seasons.

In the mean time, Bebe continues to be the worse signing of all time ever. Put him in against Wigan, Fergie.

Bebe goal vs Wigan Res
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Bebe cracker against Wigan res 3:0
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