Sunday, 21 November 2010

The One With Disney V. Pixar

Toy Story 3 will be the movie I forget to put in my top three this year. I guarantee that. But I loved it. I'd say it's flawless, in fact.

And on Monday, it comes out on Blu Ray.

Ethan's not well, so I think that may be an opportunity for an early Christmas present... don't you think, Mrs T?

It brings me to this weeks vote.

Pixar are amongst the most consistent people in the world, so it begs the question... Classic Disney, or Pixar? And, if that does churn your stomach... Dreamworks?


Jax said...

I voted for Disney Classic but the exception is the toy story movies. 2 and 3 rank up there on my all time best films list, all genres, but going by numbers, on aggregate I think I'm still a classic purist. Hard choice though.Hope ET gets well soon.

@maverick99sback said...

Cheers Jax.

He's passed the lurgy onto me. :-/

I'm going Pixar For The Win!