Thursday, 23 December 2010

The One Where @DavieLegend Gets Mrs T To Marry Me

I had a cool idea a while ago. I wanted to sing a song for Ju.

A song that I hadn't even heard until the Summer. But one that I couldn't get out of my head.

I first heard it on Live_For_Films, HERE, and the video that accompanied it made me cry. GC, Sare and I watched that vid during the tweetathon, too. So it's my song of the year, for bringing all of those elements together.

But I can't sing. I really can't.

Luckily, I know a man that can.

A man that as well as being my favourite tweeter, really really wanted an i-Phone. So I cut him a deal.

Davie also told my favourite story of the year, HERE, where ironically (like 10,000 spoons kind of ironic), the gorgeous couple had this song as part of their special day. That story had a fairy tale ending, HERE, and remains a case of human spirit surging on - triumphant in the face of the worse kind of adversity.

Davie came up with the goods for me.

So Ju, Mrs T, this is for you. Merry Christmas. Davie learnt to sing this especially for you. I'm so proud of this Family we've created. This Christmas is going to the best yet, and next year even better, and the next...

(Please don't fall in love with him, though.) x

And Davie, cheers mate. I wish I could have your voice as much as you wish you could have my looks.

Davie is hardly short of followers, but if you're on twitter, you're not getting the full package if you don't follow him. He's a humble guy, but you really need to be a fan of his YouTube page too. Then when he finally gets round to doing some Biffy (*coughs* or Counting Crows *coughs*), you'll hear it first. Hit HERE to go straight there.

I can't wait to buy him a beer at the Isle Of Wight Festival in 2011. And maybe trying to hatch a plan to get him on stage!

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