Monday, 13 December 2010

The One Where George Michael Gets Rap... Er... Out Of A Vote

You sons of bitches!

I had no idea the lack of love Wham!, Band Aid and The Pogues would suffer this week.

It was painful to watch.

To be fair, some of the other suggestions were class...

Some Christmas songs should only be heard at Christmas, though. Many, never at all.

What I did learn is that I really need to start asking more people at work about the votes. The feedback on the App this week far exceeded the Blog itself - which baffles me again.

When the vote launches it gets loads of hits. Then very few people vote. It's odd. Even if I was apathetic towards the vote itself, I would hit "Other" having read through a whole post.


Oh well, here's the most popular vote I had for "Other". That'll learn ya...

Oh, while you're here. Fave Christmas Film? Top Left. Ta.

Meanwhile, In a prison somewhere, a drunken George Michael weeps...

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