Saturday, 11 December 2010

The One Where I've Missed Cloverfield

God. How good is Cloverfield?

I'll be honest, I was a little under whelmed first time I saw it, but have grown to love it.

The use of 9/11 imagery in that opening attack is brilliant.

So real. So frightening.

When the head of the Statue Of Liberty is lobbed into the street, I'm hooked. Throw in that reveal, (what a tease), then the dust flying towards them, as the Chrysler tumbles.

A brilliant, brilliant opening.

Having just seen Monsters, it's hard to not compare.

And there are elements of Monsters that out outright lifted from Cloverfield.

But that's a compliment. And this is far more of a Friday night flick. The initial army response, then the subway attack are breathless action scenes. Unexpected. Energised.

Skyline too takes the opening party, as a chance to establish the characters.

It's the film Godzilla should have been.

What it also makes me realise, is that Matt Reeves is one to watch.

Let Me In will make my top five for the year. Easily.

The fact that a sequel to this has been announced, and the fact he wrote Under Siege 2? The guys a genius.

Has it been a while since you checked this out?


Roll on Super 8, eh...?

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