Friday, 10 December 2010

The One Where I Get Banksy

I'd wanted to see Exit Through The Gift Shop for ages.

I have a few friends on twitter, and this one is an Artist.

An Artist I really rate, too. he did me a massive favour for my fifth wedding anniversary actually, and did three bits of art based around some of mine and Mrs Ts favourite song lyrics. And they're awesome.

Before that, he did that there Blog header. Aint it cool?

So watching this, it really struck me about how there are artists out there, always looking for that big break...

I know that sounds obvious. Most professions have situations like that. But like someone trying to be the next big Director of Hollywood, (*Tip: Make a debut movie like Monsters...*), here, in that profession, you need to be unique. To stand out.

The film has been a little mis sold as a Banksy movie. And it sort of is. But crucially, he gets to keep his anonymity (as well as a brilliant scene, where his team question the validity of wanting to be anonymous... then inviting a camera crew to film your every move).

It's about Art in general. And how someone encouraging you to do some art can lead to great things... or in this French guys case, a broken foot.

It's all very slapstick in places, as the trailer sets up below.

The bits that had me enthralled were the night scenes. Going out at night, trying to remember to shut the light off the camera, so the cover isn't blown.

And the thing that hit me?

Isn't a wall better with some art on it, than nothing at all?

I watched The Apprentice t'other day, and some of London looked wrecked.

Why not get artists like this guy to do something on those walls? Those garages?

There was a rumour that a Banksy had popped up in Southampton. Gray got excited. To my knowledge he's still not bothered to go look at it, but the thought of it is pretty cool.

How can someone get some famous... and remain cloaked? Unseen?

Seeing him direct to camera talking about his art is fascinating.

Seeing him smuggle a mannequin into Disneyland Florida, dressed in a Guantanamo Bay outfit... well, that's priceless.

Them shutting the park down as a result, thinking it's a terrorist attack?

Probably one of my highlights of the year.

Get some art today.

I'm serious.

That wall you're looking at will look better as a result.

One last thing, if you missed it... how cool is this story? Banksy got Banksied.

Good excuse to finally post this too, I suppose...

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