Sunday, 19 December 2010

The One With Catfish

A late contender for my top five, this.

When it launched at Sundance, it caused a massive stir.

The reason?

Well, essentially it is the story of someone in NY, falling in love with someone on the Internet. He meets her after getting some paintings from an 8 year old. The girl he falls for is hot, so you can't blame him. But then, flaws in her story start to appear. She sings. But Nev finds the exact same song on the net.

Bloody internet. It's as bad as it is good, isn't it?

The reason for the stir?

Well, that's the secret of Catfish. And I won't tell you.

But the reason you will want to know, is that this is a documentary.

So the whole time, we see this unfurl as the characters do.

And if it is true, if that final third really did happen, well, it's the greatest anti-internet movie ever.

Brilliantly made. Fantastic "acting". Likeable.

This got seriously close to my Top Five. Talking of which, next week each day is a count down of my top five, ending on NYE, with all of ours (Ledgers).

Oh. And just because I made me do a laugh out loud, this... But no. Sadly. That isn't the "twist"

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