Saturday, 18 December 2010

The One With The Game Of The Year 2011

My game of the year is tied. There's a couple of reasons. None more than the fact that both overcame massive adversity, and shoved it in the face of their doubters.

PES2011 and Black Ops will be in my PS3 for a long time yet.

Both still rough around the edges. Frustrating in the lack of detail at times. Then, moments of absolute genius. Moments of punching the air. Caring what happens. Any game that gets that sort of reaction is OK by me.

PES2011 works online, too. Incredibly well. I'm urging JMcG to sort it out, so we can do Masters League online. Then? Then I think the longevity just runs and runs.

It took a bit of work to put my own music on. To port the official kits over. Put chants on. But it's finished now. And brilliant.

Black Ops, similarly, with it's endless editing options will get me coming back for more. (Not until they patch it though). If JMcG thinks I'm losing my stats with out a fight, he can do one. You have until NYE Flash, to top my stats. Challenge accepted?

But why else do they tie? What else went on in 2010?

1> There was nothing like Uncharted 2 (Best game I've ever played?) In fact, I'm doing Red Dead Redemption a disservice. That was an incredible game. Online, hilarious. And huge. I can't deny I still have moments (as I do with GTA), where I want to go back. The only thing stopping me making this game of the year? Well, essentially, it's that I've already played the other two more. And only owned them a few months. That's not an excuse, I'll re-buy this. Purely because I should never have got rid of it. And so far as single player games go, this wins by a country mile. (Masters League excluded).

2> Gran Turismo, as stunning as it is, is overrated. And I'm shit at it. Any game that looks and plays that good, should be banned for such poor collision connection. If I'm in a car, driving really fast, and I hit a wall. Well... I expect a bit more than a *donk* (really, really lame, light sound). I also probably expect some damage, and to maybe even have to forfeit the race. Not so. That said, it is stunning. I totally get what people see in it. But I find it fascinating that the two people I know that love it  can't/don't drive. Hmmm...

3> Mass Effect and the like, came and went like they always do. I buy them. Play them for a few hours. Then take them back. Nothing sucked me in like Uncharted 2. In fact, I've not even touched the single player on Black Ops - so I'm aware a lot of this is me. Halo too, with lack of Ledgers suffered. Although "Spire" remains a highlight of 2010 - adding height and weight to FPS proving genius. It looks and sounds stunning.

4> FIFA, as glossy as it is, let me win 4-0 in my first game versus Barca. no, EA. Just. No.

5> L.A Noir isn't out until 2011.

It's been a great year for games, and as I mentioned here, 2011 has everything in place to top that.

I'll be posting this goal a lot. But this sums up PES2011 for me. You could only imagine scoring this last year. And in hundreds of hours play, I can safely say it's a once in a lifetime shot.

Bring on 2011, and more midnight openings, eh? Hopefully I'm not on my own for PES2012. True story.

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