Friday, 3 December 2010

The One With Monsters

Oh, wow.

I've watched quite a few films recently, (yeah, yeah - what's new, right?).

What Monsters does, is sucks you right in.

I'm genuinely excited about how good this film is.

But there is a pitfall.

It may have been mis sold...
When I say that, I hope all the District 9 action junkies slope off.

This 'aint for you.

It's far more talky. Far more involved.

Not that I want to compare D9 and this. I love them both. But this is definitely the cerebral version.

And, contrary to popular belief, I love a bit of that. The play on the films title, was everything I hoped it would be. Especially in the last few shots, as these creatures aren't what they appeared to be.

I also love that this film will appear, and disappear with nary a sniff of B.O (Box Office!)

That sounds idiotic, and @DavieLegend (Follow him. He's a fucking dude), called me on that already, HERE. But my theory this time, a bit like Scott Pilgrim, is that the film will gain a cult following, and hopefully, sell shed loads of DVDs, Blueys.

And I think that's the best it can hope for.

The opening, in night vision, is heroic. It genuinely surprised me. Especially seeing so much, so early - but the best thing about the film is that half way through, you forget about it - and that's why the ending resonates.

Ah, the ending.

Bloody loved it.

Is it me, or can a movie really go up a few notches, if it's tied together, properly?

See this film. Support it.

The effects, which, as I say, are no where near as plentiful as you've been ed to believe, were done by the Director on his PC.

Love it. Can't wait to see what the entire cast do next.

Hopefully... it's a sequel...

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