Friday, 3 December 2010

The One Where Jaqouin (sp) Is Still Here

It's odd that Inception comes out on Blu Ray Monday.

It's been my film of the year for so long, I just thought it would stay that way.

But I think I've seen a film I was even more fascinated by.

Not necessarily better. Not as revolutionary. Not as stunning on a 50", or 7.1

Just different.
I love Jaoquin.

Despite people ruining Gladiator for me, with what I call the "Shawshank Sheep Effect".

I think he is an incredible Actor.

When I first saw the Letterman clip, and thought he had gone head mental, I was a bit crushed.

That he was doing a documentary covering him going head mental... well, I suppose I thought it was a good thing. That he would at least give us one more performance.

And then the rumours started. That it was a performance. The whole thing an elaborate set up.

Either as a dig at Hollywood, or maybe as a study of depression. Of what fame can do to you. Of what happens when you take a detour in life. Stop what you've always done.

Since the film has settled, with next to no Box Office, it was revealed it was a hoax.

But there's something really important to remember - something that I think all of the reviews I've read forgot to mention.

It doesn't matter.

In fact, if anything, it makes this Jaoquins best ever performance. One he may never top.

He's brilliant.

Whether it's jumping at a "heckler" in a night club - a guy in the crowd, rightly deriding JP's awful rapping.

Watching it, now knowing it's all a set up, just adds to the genius for me.

That Diddy may or may not have been in on it.

That Mos Def probably wasn't when he looks straight at camera, bewildered by Joaquin's beard. ("Epic... Wow. Epic is... Epic")

You could make a case for this being the comedy of the year.

The "Shawshank Sheep Effect" that also plagued Walk The Line, will never tamper this film.

Which is a bit sad, and entirely the point.

Jaoquin, in a world where things make sense, would get an Oscar Nom for this.

And Casey Affleck? What a year for the Afflecks is all I can say. Especially after this, and this.

When he dive bombs of a water fall at the end, and swims off, into the distance... I'll admit, I punched the air. Jaqouin is back.

In fact, he never really went away.

QT, Scorcese... sign him up.

"Laugh... I Fucking Dare You To Laugh"


DavieLegend said...

Can I ask why it annoys you that other people like a film that you like?

Will it annoy you when I say that Gladiator and Walk The Line are 2 of my favourite films?

Gladiator because it is straight out of the type of book I love! I am all over any medieval/fantasy story that has hard blokes with swords! It was my first DVD purchase and gives me chills.

Walk The Line because I am a music fan, and a sucker for these films (I love Ray)... It also really got me into Johnny Cash.

Shawshank is an alright film.

Anyway, does it annoy you that I love these films? I don't love them because I think I should love them, but because they are good. What's the problem there? Surely that means you were right in liking them... because they are good.

DavieLegend said...

And I forgot to say... Great blog, I have been really keen to watch this film for a while.

@maverick99sback said...

Um... I don't really know where it comes from.

It's not just films.

It's music and games.

I'm loving Black Ops because a lot of die hards man it's not as good as MW2.

I hate The Beatles. The only reason being everyone tells me they're so good, I *must* love them.

Gran Turismo is the BEST GAME EVER. Etc. etc.

It doesn't bother me about you, as you seem to love watching films. The Shawshank Sheep are the ones who have only seen one movie, and that's their favourite.

As ever, cheers for commenting on these.

Check I'm Still Here out. Brilliant.