Thursday, 6 January 2011

The One With One True Fan

OK, so there have been a few changes I may have omitted to mention.

One is a tiny arrow, in the bottom right of the screen, when viewing the Blog on a PC/Mac.

Hit it to whizz to the top of the page. See?

Next is when scrolling down.

Two bars should appear.

The top one is a really cool search engine. Type something into it, and it's essentially Google. BUT, type something in, and hit enter, it's Google just for my Blog. So, if you want to type in "Hernandez" or "George Lucas Is A Money Grabbing Whore", it will bring up all of the mentions. Very cool.

The other bar I pinched from @DiaryOfALedger. It seems to be a sort of FourSquare (Don't go... I didn't bother with that either), just for the Blog. It's called One True Fan, and my suggestion is the biggest fan of the Blog gets a prize.

No. I've no idea what that would be either.

3D showing of Piranha maybe?

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