Thursday, 6 January 2011

The One Where Star Wars Gets A Bluey

Tron: Legacy was when I realised I really, really wanted a 3D TV.

So you would think, with the announcement today that Star Wars is due out on Bluey in 2D only, I'd be pissed.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

They will look, and sound so good, I can't wait.

Whats interesting, is how many people are moaning already that it will be the special editions, with all the changes no one really wanted.

Does it matter? Really?

These versions versus the DVD of the old ones is not a choice at all.

The prequels will probably look worse, due to the CGI overload, but but the time I get to Sith, and see Anakin become Vadar, I'm sure I won't care.

Bring it on.

Then, in a year (or several), I'll re-buy the 3D version.

Fuck it. Life is short.

This is what HD is for, if we're honest.

It will be an event. There may even be a midnight opening somewhere. And if you can't enjoy that sort

Now... when is Indy due out?

That was an excuse to post that video, to be fair. Thanks to @DomCoke for pointing me in the direction. I'm not surprised he got Tron on the back of it. Hopefully they tack it onto the Bluey.

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