Thursday, 3 February 2011

The One Where Boardwalk Empire Treads The Boards

Oh, Marty.

If I close my eyes and forget there are people going ga-ga over this, that have literally no idea what your next film is due to be, I could be in Heaven.

Why does that matter? Why does it bother me? Well, it doesn't. I refuse to let the Shawshank Sheep effect affect my views on this - because truth be told, if this was coming out at the cinemas this weekend, no one would care. And that does frustrate.

This is Scorsese's love letter to everything that has gone before. Is it right that people get to enjoy that with out having put any effort/time into the back catalogue? For me, no. That's the whole point.

That said, if watching this makes a generation check Mean Streets out, then it serves a purpose.

As a huge Scorsese fan, to see all of his trade marks visible in the pilot was a punch the air moment.

Michael Pitt stole the show for me. So good in Funny People, looking on IMdB, I see he is in Hugo Cabret. Again... Air punch.

This is brilliant, TV. A fantastic cast. Brilliant period setting. Iconic characters.

Sky Atlantic is going to justify my sky bill on it's own. So much so I'm going to invest.

Starting Here. Here. And Here.

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