Friday, 4 February 2011

The One Where Daddy Day Care Goes To The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo, You Can Come Too, Too, Too

9:30. Bit early. Picnic in the car? Done.
Thanks for the snood, MC. Frickin' freezing out there.

Hippos. I'm a fan. Ethan thinks "they smell".

Two Owls in the background.
"Why don't they talk, Daddy?"
"Umm..." Nice one, Gruffalo.

Look at the size of his horn!
Yes, ET. That one is a buy.

Oblivious to my Son walking on a railway track... All I could see was that Monkeys ass.
Which was red.

And below, so begins the one long park sesh. Well, three parks to be exact. Worth the Annual pass, eh?

And below, two tiny vids. I ran out of memory to film the Giraffes. Oh well, I'd imagine we'll be going back next week!

The second vid is a disappointment. Yeah, I know he's adorable... but it looked a lot higher in real life.

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