Friday, 4 March 2011

The One Where There Aren't Enough Daddy Day Cares In A Week* *So We Made More...

OK, so there has been a little change to Daddy Day Care. Only slight, but it's a good one.

For the last three months, I've taken ET swimming on a Friday. That may continue, but as of May 19th, I change my job role. No, I have no idea to what.

Essentially, that will mean a change of rota. Being the sort of person I am, I'm planning ahead so no one misses out.

So from Sunday, Mrs T and ET will come swimming with me, before I go to work. Chances are, on my new rota that would be a day off, but even if I do work, we;ll get a decent time together.

To get him realising this, today is all about a walk with my former Boss, who owes me a "career chat" anyway, (good timing!), and her son, Charlie. Through the woods, probably looking for that Gruffalo. Then feed the ducks, and a cheeky coffee.

Then, onto Marwelll. Our passes came through, and ET and I really want to see some lizards. (Urgh!)

In the mean time, heres last Friday, where Mrs T shows her mean side, by sneaking up on my boy in the pool. Don't worry, ET... we'll splash her Sunday...


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