Thursday, 3 June 2010

"The Human Torch Was Denied A Bank Loan"

The One Where Dennis Hopper Smokes A Doobie With god

This week... Captain America, Thor, Blu ray addictions, and Bobba Fetts car breaking down.

What a sad week. Hours after I paid a heartfelt tribute to Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper joined bikers in the sky - with a doobie and no crash helmet.

Regular readers will know I grew to love Hopper. True Romance is my fave film of his. He has such gravitas in that. Obviously Apocalypse Now is demented genius - and one reason why I bought the 50". We need a Blu, with that, the Redux, and Hearts of Darkness on it. I'd pay some big bucks for that. Gray would be tempted... then Love Film it, instead.

Marvel blew my tiny mind, towards the end of the week. First Cap'n... then Thor. Two films that, like Iron Man before it, I'll know little about. I've never read comics, which surprises some. I love the art work, though. It puts me in a better position, I think - as I don't have any loyalties, or am likely to have any "issues" with suits - or losing little ears off CA helmet. @moviegrrl on twitter also got to go to the 4d Marvel exhibition (?) at Madame Tussauds, too. Read about it, here. Looks class. Four weeks late for the Stag, though...

Talking of art... who wouldn't want this in their bedroom? Probably above the bed, "where the magic happens". My hair looks a bit like Weird Al, this morning. Mrs T has ordered a hair cut. It's hard to argue.

Splice is sounding good. So did Human Centipede, though - and I never want to think of that again. Until the sequel, anyways. I've always liked Brody. I'm pinning my summer hopes on Preadators. He will be a major reason for that to work.

On a Blu Ray link... I went to do a "comp shop" of Best Buy, which just opened in Southampton. It's OK. Not what I was expecting. Strange pricing. Like the Harmen Kardon speakers I just bought being £50 more. Best Buy? No... then... my heart sank/sang. Their Blu collection is excellent. Again... odd pricing. Monsters Inc for £19.99? Na. Pirates boxset for £50?? Hell no! However, these little beauties that JMcG and I have pined after, as serious collectors, for a while... £12.99. Done.


Nice to know, even they have troubles. Until next time kids. And remember...

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