Thursday, 3 June 2010

"You Can Stay Forever"

The One Where I Saw Colin And Freddy, And Loved Both

So... Capsule Reviews. Tiny, mini reviews. For me, probably on films I don't think deserve a huge ammount of my time - or... a quick mention of great films, before I write more on them. This week, I have mostly been watching...

MC and I have that very fashion scarf, by the way!

Ondine. definately an example of the latter. A great little film. I've always loved Colin Farrell. I've always loved Neil Jordan. Both would probably admit their careers haven't been what they could have been. Here, they just strip everything back. It's ultra low budget, and very low key. It's just totally charming. Ireland looks gorgeous. I need to stop wasting money on Blu Rays, and go.

The last time I watched a Farrell movie knowing little about it, was In Bruges. This is the polar opposite of that - one to watch with the wife, and not the lads - but hopefully, over time, people will discover it.

This is immense. 237 minutes long! That's four hours. 
Dissecting the history of the films, and featuring 
tons of footage.

Incredibly comprehensive.

What is has confirmed for me, is that I never really got 
Freddy. For me... it's Nightmare, and New Nightmare. As 
fun as the others are, they can't hold a torch to those films.

MC - you would bloody love this. Just have it on the Mac 
in the background. Well worth investing time in.

Expect Book of Eli and Wolfman Blu reviews over the 

See? Told you I need to stop.

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