Tuesday, 1 June 2010

"I'm The King Of The World"

The One Where We/I Hailed To The King

OK, so this will mean a lot to some (me), and nothing to others (you), but...

Sorry, Gray. That is in game. Replays add motion blur - apparently too much - but who watches them anyway? 

This is meant to demonstrate the shadow system, as games have real life lighting effects - which were great on 2010, to be fair. Also, HUGE changes in defence. No more holding dash, now three options. Get tight. Make a tackle, or hold off. Like a duel. Get it right, and read the situation - clear the ball. Get it wrong... you may be in trouble. Especially as despite 100 hours of motion cap, and 1000s of new animations, keepers look a little dodgy still. They need to sort that, or everything else means nothing.

Not just 360 player movement, but the ball can go anywhere. Apparently this works too well. No more AI assisted passes, means passing goes astray. Good. I love the idea of mastering it, and not having it on a plate. *coughs-FIFA-coughs* That swirl is a pass meter, which is meant to be class, and no where near  as intrusive as it looks.

Drag and drop subs, and tactics? Brilliant.

Footage is here, if you're interested. Skip to 75% of the power bar, to view. 

Graphically it's surpassed FIFA. Kits are immense, and fans are speculating on the "huge surprise" that's lined up. Premier League licence?

Oh yes. Faints can be set to individual players - and only a handful (20) have the ability to win games single handed, ala Roni and Messi.

Bring. It. On.

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KendallJaye said...

Do you go to www.gametrailers.com ?