Tuesday, 1 June 2010

"Children Don't Grow Up, Bodies Get Bigger, Hearts Get Torn Up"

The One Where Puppets Made Me Cry


God, it's been a while since one of these. Granted that was my fault with the whole The Box debacle.

I've also had a *great* idea... Cult Classics! I write about movies no one ever saw. You know, like The Road...

I think I'll call it, "Flicks I Love, That No One Saw, And May Never See... Ever". Catchy, yes?

For those of you that have never seen these, or that are wondering why it's different to the other film stuff, here goes...

I joined Love Film. I love it. Here, in MATHS FORM!, I review what I've seen. Then you adjust your Love Film list accordingly. Hey, it might save you money.

There is a theme this week, both trailers have phenomenal music in them.

Blade + The average bits from Blade 2 / In The Mouth Of Madness x Dark City - Willem Dafoes cock =  Daybreakers!

That's right, I really "liked" it. Terrible word, but there's no love there. No matter how hard I look. It is infinitely better than half of the dross out there, though. Especially the Underworld films. You could do worse. Plus it's quite violent. Which we like.

I liked it a lot more second time. A LOT more. This should have been a 
purchase, actually. And it will be.

Labyrinth x Dark Crystal - Pete's Dragon / weirdness of Being John Malkovich

That's right, kids... I think this is a grower! Tune in when I've bought it, 
watched it again, and claim it's the greatest film of all time. Which it 
just might be. There will be tears.

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KendallJaye said...

Have you seen The Confederate States of America? It's total mock-umentary. I laughed my ass off. Then I got to the end. And realized it wasn't SUPPOSED TO BE a comedy.... THEN LAUGHED EVEN HARDER.
I'm sorry, but Abe Lincoln in black face is fucking funny shit.