Sunday, 13 June 2010

"You Gotta Be Effing Kidding Me" (Again)

The One Where I Try To Reassure Everyone We're Not Out Of The World Cup... Yet.

Oh dear. Kind of makes you glad, you only saw the secong half, with a pint of JD and Coke, in a strangers Hotel room.

What a farce.

Their goal wasn't much better, of course.

Lets get some perspective though. A draw is not a disaster. They are the second best team in the group. A draw and a win, and we go through. I would expect two wins, of course - and I think we will get that.

Stevie G started like a demon. Rooney showed flashes, when he wasn't playing as left back in the last twenty. (Which, as a United fan, I see every other week. It's the barometre that it's not working. Fergie will normally give him support as a result. Capello was 10 mins too late, with the final sub, for me.)

All of the doom mongering in the press, is another reason why I struggle with England. What it should have done, is lowered our expectations a tad. What it did do, is give half of the teams a battering over their cereal.

For what it's worth... I wouldn't have played Green. I wouldn't have risked Milner. I would have bought Crouch/Defoe on earlier. And I would have sown a new foot on Becks so he could play. What do I know? Capello is no mug. Lets not treat him like one, until we are sent home, tail between legs.

I don't think United would have won as much as they've won, with out undivided support. So why is people think England can do? Lets get behind them, for gods sake, or we may as well go home now.
And none of us want that, do we? Apart from @SoulsTheGoal, of course.

Cheers to Paul for the ITVHD link. I bet you are glad you don't have HD, after that, mate!

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