Sunday, 13 June 2010

"I'd Give Up Forever To Hold You"

Wedding Of The Year Exclusive Pictures * Ledgers Welcome New WAG With Open Eyes * Tears.

And so it begins...

Mrs T looking absolutely bloody gorgeous. Mr T is thinking of cunning ways to score with her tonight...

I would hazard a guess this ended up on twitter... due to GCs usual pose, of iphone in hand.

3/4 Ledgers. 

I had to use all of my guile to get his attention, above the Papparazzi hordes... so I shouted out a Big Trouble In Little China quote. 

3/4 Ledgers. Something, or someone, is missing.


Keep it clean.

AC masterfully gets the "Tramp in Edgeware Road Legend", into his speech.

After a 1-1 draw, and 15 minutes lost in a maze, scarier than The Shining... I sing "God Save Our Queen", with a pint of JD and coke. Gotta love those hip flasks.

For more exclusive pics, go to my FB wall.

Congratulations, Jon and Gem. Truly a wonderful day - and a privelige to be part of.

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