Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The One Where It's My First Birthday


Especially after they gave me a rental for my one year anniversary today!

But what did I get this week...? Here's a clue...

Exam is a low budget concept movie. Similar to Cube, I suppose - but I found it original, if nothing else.

The premise is genius.

Ten business people are in a joint "interview".

The winner, will be the person to find the answer to one question...

The problem?

They don't know the question.

I knew that going in, and really wanted the film to go nuts with the idea.

Almost as an homage to The Apprentice, a lot of the characters are greddy, and unlikeable. I hoped they would turn on each other, and the film would go in, with a dark sensibility. And it does. It just never got dark enough for me.

The idea is brilliant, I honestly think that. But the film didn't live up too it.

Some of the acting is stilted, (Check out 1:05 on the trailer... made me cringe with that line delivery). It just feels a bit unfinished - no doubt the budget was a factor here.

That said, I think it's the perfect Love Film.

I would have bought it a year ago, now I can send it back and hope Love Film finally send me Valhalla Rising. Maybe as my freebie, eh?

So, in summary...

Cube + Eyeball Paper Cut x Shouting cockneys + That Black Guy We All Recognise, But Don't Know What He's In (Not Racist) - Mental Shoot Out x Twisty, Clevery Turns % Thigh Paper Cut - Ant T&A = Exam

That's right kids, I sort of liked it!

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