Saturday, 3 July 2010

"One Thing Will Not Change... We Will Go Out To Win"

The One Where I'm Over England

Thankfully the press reaction this time hasn't focused on Wayne, like they were threatening too. Maybe they realised he would take it out on everyone on the pitch, this season?

I'll never forget '98, though. Probably *the* deciding moment for me, in the Club v Country debate.

What happened after '98 was inexcusable. Even more bizarre that most are lauding him as some sort of Ambassador after his performances in a sharp suit, on the bench. More passion than anyone on the pitch. Our Captain, and Wayne, included.

I'll watch Argentina v Germany around Flashes Saturday. England off my mind. Moments like this, make me kind of glad.

But, like all Hollywood movies... Becks had a happy ending.

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