Saturday, 31 July 2010

The One Where Even When We Won, We Lost

I was thinking t'other day... It's mental United haven't won the Champions League more.

The times we have, were two of the greatest nights of my life... but sometimes it's the nights you go out, you remember the most.

This one killed me for more reasons than one. Becks was playing for a contract that night.


As an aside, with the season starting next Sat, I thought I'd review pre season.

Obertan looked good. But good isn't enough at my club.

We look dodgy at the back, minus Vida and Rio. And VDS.

That penalty was ridiculously cool.

Lets not even discuss their "winner". Ludicrous. Do we need 6 officials on the pitch for friendlies, too now?

Javier... Just awesome. Always looks offside for me. First ten times of looking... but so, so clever with his runs. Reminds me of Owen, circa '99. 

And Kiko? Well according to Fergie, he is staying. Not even going on loan. He needs to take his chances. He was disappointing last year. But seems to love playing for us, and could be a valuable squad member this year.

Diouf? Jury is out, for me. 

Smalling looks like he may be our first CB since Bruce to threaten a corners. Nice to see Nani on the score sheet - big season for him.

And Javier? Well, I don't want to over do it, but he just seems capable of scoring every type of goal. He's awesome in the air, too. Both footed. Quickest player at the WC... now for the Premier League...

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