Saturday, 17 July 2010

The One Where I Think Joseph Gordon-Levitt May Be The Epitome Of Cool

Every once in a while, your girlfriend/wife make you watch a Rom-Com.

Every once in a while, you enjoy one more than her.
The moment I fell in love with 500 Days of Summer was crystal clear to me.

Expectation v Reality. The same scene, split screen. Playing out, in a totally diffefrent way.

Wow. What an idea. I've never seen that done, certainly not in split screen.

The acting is universally excellent. It's got a very cool soundtrack, and JGL is a dude. What's not to like, Mrs T?


Well, you see... Mrs T has a problem with ambiguity. She hates the idea of a resolution just hanging there... with the viewer having any element of choice, in the outcome.

I. Can. Not. Wait. For. Her. Inception. Verdict.

She hates unhappy endings.

Thank god it was never envisaged like this, then...

For me, in a Rom-Com, those things are exactly what I want. I want to be kept guessing. I want the truth about love, not a sugar coated topping of it.

This film is romantic, and heartbreaking.

It encapsulates both elelements of a relationship - sometimes at the same time.

Zoe (sp) Deschanel is an indie darling, and she's beautiful here. If a guy has to watch a rom-com, he wants to want the chick. The problem with Reese Witherspoon and her chick flicks is that as cute as she is, she is normally a whiny little cow, who I can't invest time in. Kate Hudson fares a little better. Jenny Aniston? Vapid. Zooey, despite the ridiculous spelling of her name - would totally get it.

Mike Cheese likes JGLs headphones... and they are cool... I just think he's a dude. I love that he has this sensibility, where everything will be OK, if he can just find "the One". I felt like that when I was younger. Having found "the One" now, I instantly feel better about life.

Oh, and the non-linear structure? Ju HATES that. I loved it.

I think we need to lend this Bluey out, Mrs T... and put it to the vote! So, guys... Classic/Middle of the Road/Or second rate?

Vote below!



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Anonymous said...

Maybe I should give it a second chance but I doubt that'll change my mind! There's nothing wrong with wanting a sugar coated version of love with a happy ending - it doesn't happen for many and life is often a struggle for most so an escape from reality with a happy ever after is just what some people need!

@maverick99sback said...

Thats 1-1!

This is intense!

(New Rules: Can you leave your name)

Anonymous said...

Love this film!!

Two thumbs up!!!

Anakin xxx

Mike said...

Classic...fact! Stupid Mrs T

Mike said...

Classic...fact! Stupid Mrs T

gems xxx said...

It's brilliant, especially the post sex dance scene! I love it because it's real, sometimes you'll like someone far mire than they like you...

Mo Howlader said...
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Mo Howlader said...

Anonymous said...

I loved the movie... But it's no Love Actually - the best of them all....