Sunday, 18 July 2010

The One Where I Try And Get Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks, eh?

I saw Fire Walk With Me ages ago, and had seen snippets of the show... but why bother now?

Well, a couple of things.

One, JMcG wouldn't shut up about it... (He mentioned it once).

Two, I love Lynch, and it's the last mountain to conquer on that front.

Three, I've got a thing for TV at the moment.

I don't know whether that's a "Yeah, I've got a Blog, better watch more TV, so it can even out the Gaming/Movie/Footy stuff" - or if I've just realised there's some TV worth watching.

If it's the latter, we have Pacific, and then Entourage to thank.

Plus the Mac Book, which means it's portable. I can have a TV show on in the background. If you know me, you'll know that may mean a Bluey is on the big TV, or even a Game - be it Footy, or me playing.

Who says Men can't multi task?

The problem is... Twin Peaks kind of demands your full attention.

Three episodes in, and someones face morphed into someone elses, (the dead Laura Palmer), to represent her Mothers grief, and inability to move on. Then, in a nightmare scene, Bob looks to the camera, and addresses the dreamer, asking if he can hear him. Unsettling.

Finally, the one thing it was a midget who talked funny. GUESS WHAT?? Got that too... it's the show that keeps on giving!

Great, great music too. Loving it so far.

Lynch just does nightmares like no one else. Half of his films revolve around characters turning into different people halfway through. Mind trip isn't the word. Here, in three episodes, it's like he realised it was the perfect platform to lay out some of his theories.

Less Bob though, please. Inception made me fall in love with my dreams again, I don't want that long haired hippy gimp, showing up, and screwing it all up, with his homicidal ways!

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