Thursday, 8 July 2010

The One Where The Ledgers Get Entouraged

"Call Me Jim"

OK, OK. I'm late to the party. Very late. BUT.... Whenever this happens, (recent examples include Kings of Leon, Biffy, and others), I end up becoming the biggest fan of all.

With Biffy, the official Ledger band, I found albums and tracks no one else had. With Kings of Leon, I got into them, just as the masses started to turn on them. And there's two points of interest for me, there.

1) All of those examples are music related. I am normally on the ball with TV, or movies atleast...

2) KoL are all over Entourage. It's a classic case of if I'd been into Entourage at the start, I wouldn't be the KoL fan I am now.

As a third thing...

3) MC, aka @theboycheese (back in the day), only just got into it too. Somehow that vindicates me.

So, anyway. This isn't a review per se. It will always be difficult for me to do that now. Until Season 7 at least. All I will say, is I watched 3 series in a very, very short amount of time.

So what makes it different from 24, or Lost? I'm highly critical of both of those series. I think both would have been classics if they had known when  to stop... i.e after one series.

So am I the bigest hypocrite ever? Well, yeah. But to be fair, I don't think Entourage is a cash cow. There's no accompanying toys, or comics etc. It's just a show. And it's a show about movies. And 4 best mates. It just seems to resonate with me, at the moment.

The writing is sharp. It's satirical. Every episode is the same, but different. It's great, great TV. It's not hard to invest in the characters. All likeable. All flawed.

Which, crucially, leads to a comparison.

Now, I get that Judge would have me down as Drama. The goatee is a gimme... Truth is, I'd rather be Ari.

BUT. I'm going with E, as he's the most morale one of the four. Apart from the doobies. Never do drugs.

That means Gray is Drama. It doesn't fit. Apart from him being the oldest one. Which, I think he is. Just.

Flash is Vinny. Purely on the beard, in this picture. And the fact that he'd be nothing with out the Ledgers.

 There are no words. Until he gets back from Tunisia, and tells me to **** myself.

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