Thursday, 8 July 2010

The One Where I Worried Predators Would Be AVP All Over Again

"Get To The Choppa!"

Predator. I remember my Uncle staying over, and him, Mum and dad renting it. I remember dad owning it on video. I remember him trying to let me see it, but getting it wrong. ("Dillon, You Son Of A Bitch", and also the skinned bodies in the trees... oops). Loved it. It was a classic of my time, growing up. On a par with Die Hard, even. We talked in school about how high everyone flew, in the camp raid. High. Very high.

Predator 2. Hmm... I've grown to like it. But not love it. I like how bat shit crazy it is. Love the idea of the predator hunting a City. I remember my Dad explaining that what he was holding, on the trailer, in the posters, was a spine. Nice.

Aliens Versus Predator. I actually tolerated it. I love the Alien films. But, this? This was tame. Especially as I had read some of the comics, before hand. It was a wasted opportunity.

Aliens Versus Predator: Requiem. The trailer had me freaking out. I thought they had nailed it. But the PredAlien is unforgivable. Pure and simple. It is amongst the worst ideas ever. Not just in film. It makes the New Born in Alien Resurrection, look like a freaking work of Geiger art. Appalling. And the scene in the Hospital ward? As a new Father, that didn't go down well, either.

Now... Predators.

When I started the Blog, I remember putting the trailer up. The end shot, of the sights... Nailed it. BUT... Was there going to be a PredAlien debacle?

There. Is. No. PredAlien. TFFT.

There's not a lot I didn't really dig about Predators. Flash risked dying by texting me on his way home to say he had the original soundtrack on. Good call. It's a good a homage as you'll ever hear - sometimes scene specific.

The thud to the ground, as the title card rolls... class. It has RR stamped all over it.

Brody is a dude. I remember seeing Summer of Sam, and thinking... Dude. If it weren't for him, I would never have got into Spike Lee. He's ripped in this, too. All you Jacob lovers should see how it's done.

Of course, Flash and I wish we looked ripped like that. I feel a challenge coming on...

For all the criticism of Laurence Fishburne playing Kurtz, I thought he was OK. It's made out he's a disaster. He's kooky, that's for sure. Playing it with tongue firmly in cheek, but come on. This is Predators, not Hamlet. Lower your expectations. You say, "You would", Sare... but really? He's put on some pounds. Ten seasons in? Really. That's seasons, not years, by the way. Another thing the critics are getting wrong.

It's violent, too. Flash tried to snuggle in, when a spine (plus head) was removed. I ignored his advances.

Overall, I'm impressed. 

One thing I can't shake, though? No, no... not the ending... twenty minutes from the end... My fave part of the trailer... the last shot... Go see. You'll see what I mean.

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Sarah said...

nice one, Mav. and yes.. yes i would! :P