Thursday, 5 August 2010

The One Where I Can Finally Review A-Team

I remember the original - just like you do.

I shudder that Hollywood has so few original ideas left, that it's remake this, remake that - just like you do.

I think Joe Carnahan made a classic in Narc, and has me as a fan for life - just like you do.

So why does no one seem to care about A-Team?

I've seen it twice. It knows what it is, and knows what it isn't.

In a summer of pretty much nothing apart from Inception... mmmm Inception... I love the A-Team.

Love it's zip. Love it's style. Love it's swagger.

It's mental, and knows it. In the opening ten minutes, they turn the rotor blades off, on their helicopter, and free fall, down in between other helicopters. Then they start the rotor blades again, and whoosh... they're gone.

Then, in the trailer moment that had me saying, "**** it. Why not?" They escape in a tank. I say escape. I mean they leave a plane. In a tank. And free fall.

When I first saw the trailer, all I could think about was... How do they land?

I wasn't disappointed.

Caranahan can do action - no doubt. I still love  Smokin Aces to this day.

The cast is spot on. Vibrant. Just on the right side of homage.

Mr T can say what he wants about it promoting sex and violence... he's making Snicker adverts now, that make me want to get violent.

A-Team is unapologetic in what it does. It just wants to be fun. And there's not been enough of that this summer.

There are real similarities with the Karate Kid re-do, actually. I think both will suffer from "loyal" fans. The beauty here, is that there has never been a film - so have much loved as the series is, we'll never really know about whether a film would have been any good.

Wait for some rain, then get off your asses, and go. I've seen a lot worse this year. Trust me.

I know what gets my vote!

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