Monday, 2 August 2010

The One Where One Ring Will Rule Them All

So... cast your minds back, to last week.

There was a vote. To try and find the greatest trilogy of all time. Simple.

The Lord Of the Rings came at a time when Cinema really needed it.

It had been a while since a film of such scale had been made. Doing that times three seemed to catch the imagination of the world.

I love the films. I love them for what they did to cinema, and how they tried to make three hour epics the standard fare.

You felt like you were getting your monies worth.

But are they really the greatest trilogy of all time? Well, that's not really for me to say.

This all started with Toy Story 3, being in my opinion, the perfect close chapter to a trilogy. In my opinion, it also had an upwards trajectory. They all got better.

How many trilogies can say that?

LOTR, actually...

For me, they build and build to that final chapter.

I totally get that that is what puts many off. It is rightly parodied, and almost leaves itself open to that.

I suppose when the Extended Editions came out, making all three films close to 12 (TWELVE!) hours long, the nay sayers had even more ammunition.

It's like all things though. If you love something, more of it is normally better - yes?

I'm pretty sure the Godfather fans would have a wet dream if FFC announced he was doing Extended Editions of those films. Even though the haters would say... "Weren't they long enough, to start with?"

And I don't normally sit on the fence, but I'd agree with both people.

I think the acting is brilliant, overall. I'm sure that's why it struck a chord with a lot of people. Especially those that wouldn't normally enjoy a film like this.

Ian McKellen is going to add gravitas to anything he's in. Viggo has carved out a brilliant career on the back of it. Somehow, despite starring in this, and the Pirates trilogy, Cameron Crowe sort of killed Orlando Blooms career. I never saw that coming. Get that lad in a cop thriller, pronto. He deserves a second chance.

And the Hobbits?

Well, if you get it, you would probably say that it works. That their relationship ties the films together. Even as a fan, I never bought into the "25 endings" to Return. It felt like it was struggling to tie everything up... Not knowing where to end... Or not knowing where it wanted to end.

That's frustrating. That it again, almost encourages parody.

The film has been parodied to death - so much so, that the clips I knew I would include, were... parodies...

It's like people forget the great battle scenes. The Mines of Moria, and the cave troll - whose CG is dating already.

The scenery. The fact everyone wanted to go to New Zealand after this.

The fact that PJ went on to King Kong, and couldn't keep it under 4 hours... Like a curse, that will haunt him forever. (I'm not complaining. I love it, btw.)

The fact that every magazine cover seemed to adorn pics of the ring... That you couldn't escape it.

It was a global phenomenon. And cinema did need that. It got bums on seats, and encouraged people to see things on the big screen. By giving them spectacle, and value for money. And for that, I'd find it hard to vote against it...

So all that... And I could have just posted this... Tell them Judge... er, Randell.

This was never about my vote. I didn't even vote. But you're all asking... "What's your greatest trilogy of all time, ever and ever, AT?"

Well that's simple kids. It's obviously...

Oh. Damn....

See what GC had to say here, and as ever, thanks for reading.


Mikey D said...

One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bore them to death. What is wrong with you people?

KendallJaye said...

LOTR was great. But a little piece of me still giggles that this is the same dude that did Dead Alive. Humble beginnings I guess, but I'll never be able to eat custard again.