Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The One Where Timmy Olyphant Erases Any Memory Of Hitman

My Dad has a casual obsession with Deadwood. (Not in a rude way).

He will then claim he always knew Timothy Olyphant was a dude.

I'd look at him, dead pan, and say... "Yeah? Then WTF was Hitman all about?"

He's been on a mission recently though... making great films that no one saw...
JMcG and I watched "A Perfect Getaway", which is a cool little thriller. Check it out on Love Film. Genuinely suprised by how good that was. And, as a tidbit, it stars... THOR! (Who regular readers will know I've been getting a bit excited about, recently...)

Then? Then he thought he'd buck the remake trend, and make a film superior to it's original.

The Crazies.

I saw that with only odd recollections of the original, but am willing to bet £10 I'm right.

The remake starts with a great scene.

A baseball game. (AKA Rounders).

Then, a local walks onto the field of dreams (That's what they call it, right?). With a shotgun.

It gives TO the chance to play Cowboy again, and sucked me in.

The film never goes completley "bug nut crazy" enough for me - but crucially, it zips along.

At 90 minutes I could stomach most films. This one knows its limits, and just gets on with it.

As a Blu Ray, the budget is fairly low, so you get a great picture, and awesome sound. It's hardly going to be a "Demo Blu", for when your mates are round. (Although one scene, with a combine harvester should really have got some complaints from my neighbours. The sub - which as my wife keeps elegantly saying "is the size of a freaking coffee table", went nuts. And I liked it...)

Definately a Love Film - for me, probably because of the lenticular cover, it was a purchase.

There's a John Carpenter vibe through out the whole thing, and I love that.

Check it out. Blokes who like violent zombie films should love it.

Girls will probably freak out, and jumps on the laps of their loved ones...

Which blokes will also love.

I think my tenner is safe... Don't you??


KendallJaye said...

Not all girls freak out.


Anonymous said...

Well your dad has good taste man. Deadwood, classic series (All three of them), classic actors.
Olyphant playing Seth Bullock and Ian Mcshane playing Al Swearengen.Absolute classic. Yeah your dad has good taste. Good enough to attract the likes of Brian Cox as well...Was he the best Hannibal Lector????
When are you going to do something on Westerns....Maverick?

@maverick99sback said...

I'll write about Westerns, when you start signing your name...


DavieLegend said...

I know you've posted the YouTube trailer, but you never once actually mention what film you are talking about. Just saying.