Friday, 3 September 2010

The One With Hobo With A Shotgun (Not For Kids, Kids)

Errr... Film Of The Year?!

I'll be honest. I watch my swearing on here. I'm quite careful with it. What I can't control... what is absolutely out of my realms of control... is kick ass trailers, for films I've been waiting on.

When I was a kid, Rutger Hauer meant two things to me.

1> He was the bad guy in Blade Runner, and more importantly, Night Hawks.
2> He was in Flesh And Blood, Wanted: Dead Or Alive, Blind Fury - films that a lil kiddy shouldn't watch.

Now... Now he may have followed Batman Begins up with a cult classic. Scratch that. He HAS followed Batman Begins up with a cult classic.

JMcG and I winced like babies through Piranha 3-D. What the hell are we going to make of Hobo With A Shotgun?? (Not Safe For Work, dammit*).

Mental. This and Machete as a double bill? Sold.

Read more about it's origin here.

* Or for you Dad, to be honest.

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Anonymous said...

I just had to watch it.....I feel sick