Saturday, 23 October 2010

The One Where I Bounce Around In Circles, Doing The Roo-Turn

I'm not too sure where to start, to be honest. I feel like I need to address it though, so I'll just crack on.

I wrote on Tues or Weds (it's been one of those weeks), that Rooney has burnt his bridges.

I don't want to go fully back on that, because there's been serious damage done. But the truth is, did I ever expect him to stay? No. Not until that "pointless" statement that United released Thursday.

Saying nothing. Except it didn't say nothing. It said everything.

It was apparent that United had been in talks with Rooney to stay. Just as SAF had said he would try.

Don't get me wrong, Fergie could move mountains if he wanted too, but did I ever, (EVER), think he could convince Rooney to stay? I'm ashamed to say I didn't. Those that did either know nothing about human behaviour, and emotional intelligence... or they know nothing about football. It's easy in hindsight to say that he was never going to go, but come on... Even Gerrard to Chelsea was less clear cut than this.

Rooney had left the Club - and in all reality, was never going to play in our shirt again.

So what's changed?

Well, the idiots that mobbed his house didn't change things. They could have at least been credible enough to wear Cantona masks, ala Looking For Eric. But no, like a group of hoodies, they gathered outside and probably sent Colleen and Kai into a Fincher style Panic Room.

Then the graffiti that followed, showed an even bigger lack of class.

My feelings started to change.

I'm not saying I felt sorry for Rooney. Lets be honest, he could cure a huge amount of the worlds ill if he wanted, or had an Agent with any morales.

But I started to feel a bit ashamed at peoples reaction.

I was disappointed. Let down. Betrayed.

But I never once thought United would be a better team with out Rooney - and that's crucial.

That's why him staying is so important. It means if rumours are true, and SAF has a "kitty", for what feels like the first time in a while, we will take the transfer market seriously.

Twitter is buzzing with speculation that two deals are all but done. Ashley Young is "available". Owen wants/deserves more football. You start to wonder...

Owen H is in his last chance saloon. Diarra and Defour are "available".

Something has been said to Rooney.

Opposing fans can say what they want. If he wanted to leave, he could have. He would have.

We have broken our wage structure, and I'm disappointed with that. I do think there are three players in the world you would do that for. We sold one of those, will never get the other, and one chose to stay.

He choose to stay.

SAF was desperate for him to stay.

Even if it's for a little while. He can wear the shirt again, and if it is a Ronaldo type agreement, at least we get what he's worth.

I'll stick to my version. That while the idiots were outside his house (lets see if they cheer when he gets the winner versus City, eh?) - he was sleeping. Dreaming of beating Sir Bobbys records. And maybe earning that statue after all.

I've felt all along, SAF is going for 25 years. After that, it's up to Jose, or whoever, to convince him to stay.

I'll say one thing though, this week, more than any other, Fergie has showed why he's the Greatest Manager of all time. In any walk of life.

And for now, that's enough.

This was playing in the car the day the news broke. I cried a lil bit. Phil Collins version is better, though. Fact.

Besides... If Will Smith can get $40 Million for Hancock, why shouldn't Rooney get that for getting us to 19?

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