Sunday, 10 October 2010

The One With My First Thoughts On Pro Evo - Pes2011

I remember seeing the first trailer on JMcGs stag, here.

God, I wanted to believe the marketing spin so much.

But I'd been burnt before.

I played the hell out of PES 2010. It was a flawed game, no question - made worse by FIFAs surge forward.

This year, Konami had to get it right. If not, it was curtains. I honestly believe that...

FIFA with its 300 (ish) Leagues would have romped away with an easy win.

But that's not been the case.

Konami still frustrate the hell out of me - an example being an option file, to update all of the licences was incompatible This was unknown to the hard working fans that had made it, until day of release. But tellingly? When it made it out, later that day, the kits look better than FIFAs.

In a way, that's a telling metaphor. Konami have tried really hard, but just tripped over the final hurdle. They finished with a whimper, and not a big bang. Certainly not the sort of big band FIFA can bash out, with it's 300 (ish) leagues.

I really liked FIFA this year. I said so here.

I don't think it's evolved a huge amount from last year though. And so Pro Evo being this much better than Pro Evo 2010 makes it feel like a moral victory.

The 10/10s and gushing reviews have become a bit embarrassing to read, for me.

Like EA have all of the press sewn up. Diversion tactics to distract them from the fact that Pro Evo is even putting up a fight this year.

Two minute adverts, and 300 (ish) leagues will do that. Wayne Rooney (good timing), selling your game. Rio telling everyone on twitter that FIFA is better. They have the lot. Plus 300 (ish) leagues.

Pro Evo? That needs an update Tues to update the transfers, and add some kits that should have been in from the get go.

It's unpolished. (Unfinished?) Rough around the edges. A diamond in the rough?

Crucially, it has character. Tons of it.

Offline, the learning curve is genius. Forget what you think you know. Everything you've heard about passes going astray is true. But do you know what? It's all your fault.

GC and I set up a Ledger Community (join us, lads... join us...).

This tracked our games - and crucially, our stats.

Gray beats me when I have ten men.

He always plays as Liverpool.

He scores most of his goals with Babel and Riera. (Say goodbye to them with the update ;-)

But that's a bonus, for a stats freak like me.

What's even more incredible?

We played 7 games. No lag. Nothing.

To quote GC, "It's like you're here in the front room", Bit gay. But I know what he means

Three highlights for me.

1) A 25 yard dipping volley from GC in 89th minute. I'll never hear the end of it. 3-2 win. Immortality.
2) My keeper running to the edge of the area, and misjudging a bounce. Over his head. Just wide.
3) Villa, round the keeper, off balance, skews his shot, high and wide.Open goal. My fault. Rushed it.

These are things the marketing guys, and press, will have you believe don't happen in Pro Evo.

I'm here to tell you they do. And if you see GC, he'll back that up. Probably screaming about his stupid 25 yard volley.

This weeks vote? FIFA, and it's 300 (ish) odd leagues. Versus Pro Evo. Lil old Pro Evo.

If you read to the end, bless ya. If you could vote at the top left, I'd appreciate that.

Check back next Monday for the write up on the winner.

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