Monday, 20 December 2010

The One Where "Other" Is The Best Xmas Movie Ever. EVER!

OK. Confession time. My choice of Xmas movies was very tongue in cheek. The selection of "other" rolled on from my amazement about last weeks vote.

But I want to clarify two things.

One, if a film is set at Christmas, even if it involves Ho-ho-hoing with machine guns, it's a Christmas movie - or at least, can be.

Secondly, the same applies if a kid gets a little cute alien thing for Christmas... Even if that little creature thing turns into (many) psycho creatures. And they put each other in blenders.

Thirdly (bare with me), Love Actually is a beautiful film.

As far as Christmas movies go, I confess, it may be my favourite.

As I said in the original post - none of that A Wonderful World bollocks.

A Muppet Christmas Carol won outright, from "non-other" votes.

A Wonderful Life got two votes, from @Debsa and @DomCoke within a few seconds of each other - both saying that was the end of the vote.

Gremlins got two.

Elf got three.

Love Actually five.

This new smart phone App means anyone wanting to vote in 2011, will need to go back to the web based Blog - which you can still do on the App (at the bottom)...Actually, exciting news HERE, on 2011 votes. Far, far easier than before. Embedded into the post, and if you vote on your phone, your vote gets added to the main vote. It's what we've always dreamed of, KT!

So that's that.

It goes with out saying, thanks for bothering to vote, suggesting votes, liking votes, RTing votes etc.

If you want to put something to the vote, just DM me.

Ho-Ho-Ho, Merry Christmas. Now I have a machine gun.


Anonymous said...

yay for Love Actually winning, I feel like my annual Christmas Eve viewing is now justifiable and not just a bit sad

@maverick99sback said...

I'm glad you're vindicated, Viv!