Sunday, 19 December 2010

The One With Tron Legacy

I don't really talk about work on here, and that won't change. You need to know that I had a terrible day at work though. The reason for that is if you see Tron, after my gushing review, and thinks it's rubbish... well, I'll just tell you that I really needed cheering up.

That said, I think it holds up in it's own right.

In fact, I think it's a little gem.

Not quite Top Five material, (More on that next week, as we close the door on 2010), but close.

Visually stunning. Well acted (Jeff Bridges... twice!). And the soundtrack of the year. No question.

Tron opens with the Disney sign being illuminated, " Tron style". I immediately felt comfortable. This was going to be smarter than I'd been led to believe.

Then, my jaw dropped. In what I thought was a bad way.

Thinking they were going to do a Scott Pilgrim style gag, some computer style type, tells us that some parts were shot in 2D. And that Disney were aware of this. But to wear your glasses anyway.

What the fuck??

I turned to JMcG and said, "This £1.50 surcharge is a joke... it should be 75p".

Then something strange happened. The first fifteen minutes, including a brilliant cameo, are in 2D. And it suddenly makes perfect sense. The Grid, when Sam is transported is in 3D.

It shouldn't work, but it does. I almost wish that computer type had said... "Don't need your glasses yet... when you do, it'll be frickin obvious... and you'll forgive us".

Because it does work in 3D. It looks stunning. And because of the context of the story colours, it loses nothing.

But the most startling thing about this, save from the incredible Daft Punk soundtrack, is what they've attempted with Clu. You see Clu is Jeff Bridges 20 years ago. And for the most part, it's incredibly well realised. Don't get me wrong, you know it's motion capture. But if you didn't know that... you might be fooled.

I have to say, out of everything I've seen in 2010, that excites me most.

My favourite actors aren't getting any younger. What if, in ten years say, they've perfected this. Maybe they make a sequel to Angel Heart with Mickey Rourke as he should look. Maybe Clint gets to make that western with Costner Dad and I always talked about. Maybe they go one step further. Maybe Brandon Lee gets to star in the remake of The Crow. The possibilities are endless. And for that reason, I'll always love Tron.

The soundtrack?

Unbelievable. Journey kicked in, and until I got home and watched the original (on YouTube of all places. Who knew.), I hadn't realised they had done the song for the original. But this is Daft Punks show. And they nail it. They get a cameo too, in the club, and I can't think of a better soundtrack in the last few years. It tops Zimmers work on Inception. And I got it as soon as I got home. Like the film or not, I think you'll do the same.

Any bad bits?

Well it's pure hokum. If you can't get past the idea of a computer generated world, where people race light cycles... well. It 'aint for you?

Jeff Bridges channeling The Dude? Why not. Just why not.

And Martin Sheen. Well, you'll either just see Nigel Clough (I did!), or David Bowie.

I have to say though, the bits I thought I would hate weren't even issues. I liked Sam. Obviously I liked Olivia Wilde, but thought she suited the part too. I'm just impressed.

Is it possible that this is my most anticipated Bluey of 2011? Is this the film to force my hand towards a 3D TV.

Yes, and... *looks at Mrs T with lovely puppy dog eyes*

Oh, come on Ju. You're messing with my Zen, maaaan.

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