Friday, 17 December 2010

The One With The Blog App

I love gadgets and that.

I woke this morning to find that Blogger had finally done it. There is a beta for reading mine and @DiaryOfALedgers Blog on your smart phone.

Not just ours, obviously. But you need to question why you would need to read anyone elses.

Whats sweet about it, versus the old one?

A couple of really simple things...

One, videos are embedded. Now I love basing a Blog post around a cool video I've seen. That never transferred onto the old version. Now, you'll get the full idea.

Second? Pictures are transferred. In multiples. The reason the old one looked so odd sometimes, is on the main Blog, there were pictures breaking up the text. You could only ever have the top one on the old one.

Thirdly? It looks slick. White. Spacious. But still feels like part of the Blog. I'm chuffed, and so is GC, because we spend a bit of time on here. It's nice to get something that enhances what we do. Especially where there had been niggling frustrations.

Fourthly (sp?) You can see Blog comments at the bottom, and that's something I want to try and encourage in 2011. (Any ideas how. Let. Me. Know).

Fifthly... It may sort the "hits" out - as whilst people have been viewing on the App, it hasn't counted.

But... But... I hear you cry... How do we Vote "other" in any vote you have running??

Well, if you scroll to the bottom, and go to "View Web Version" - it takes you to the old version. So the vote can stay. Which means loads of you can view it. A few can vote. And everyone that does will vote "other". So it's Win-Win!

Next cool thing?

Sky Anytime+ seems to have listened to my prayers too. If I'm reading it right, you choose what is on your anytime listing. Want to watch Dexter Season Four back-to-back? Done.

Want to watch a Kevin Costner double bill? Done.

Providing they are on there, that it.

Def a step up, though. I don't bother with Anytime at the moment, as it doesn't reflect what I watch. If they move that over to Sky Player, I'm sold for life. Watching Sky on the Mac has been a god send.

Trust me. Don't ever come between Mrs T and Home & Away on the 50".

Not wise.

Anyone wondering where ET is on Daddy Day Care when I'm sorting this at 7:00 AM?

He's watching a Bluey.

And playing with his Totum.

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